TestFlight for Haxe

TestFlight for Haxe

TestFlight is a great testing tool for iOS apps. I've used it a lot at work to distribute builds to multiple devices around the company. It prompts the tester when there is a new update and tracks analytics with checkpoints and crash logs. The only issue is you need to have the SDK installed to get all those goodies.

Since I use Haxe a lot and have been working diligently on the HaxePunk library I knew having TestFlight integration would be a huge benefit. So I finally got the code to a point where it is ready for release and am hoping it proves useful to other people.

The code is located on GitHub at https://github.com/MattTuttle/nme-testflight. You can also get it through haxelib by typing the following in your command prompt.

haxelib install testflight

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