My entry for Ludum Dare #23

I participated in Ludum Dare #23 this past weekend with over 1000 others. It was a fun experience and I was able to chat with some great guys on the HaxePunk forums/IRC. Unfortunately my time was divided between LD and several other events over the weekend but I'm happy with what I ended up with. Check it out!

What went right

  • Built on a simple concept
  • Used tools I was familiar with (HaxePunk, MilkyTracker, Sublime Text 2)
  • Had a working game with objective in the first few hours
  • Used a real mouse for drawing instead of a touchpad

What could have been better

  • My power was out for 2 hours
  • I had several other events to attend over the weekend (besides church)
  • The sound effects were last minute

Next time

  • Have a laptop with a good battery (mine lasts 20 minutes...)
  • Participate more in topic selection and blog posts

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