Pixel Portrait Hello fellow reader. You may have come to this page wanting to know more about me or just accidentally clicked the wrong link. Either way it will get you a one way ticket into the mind of Matt Tuttle, although I'll warn you that I don't provide refunds.

I love programming things, especially games, which is why I choose a career in it. This blog is a bit about my adventures in programming and hopefully a way to inform people about upcoming games I'm working on. Of course, from time to time I will attempt to pass on a nugget of information I may have come across so be on the lookout for that.

I am also a musician. Since the age of six I've played piano and I've also picked up guitar, french horn, and various other instruments I'm not as good at... I like composing music in my free time and I've put up a bunch of my songs on this site so you can check them out. If you're a developer in need of a musician then I'd love to work with you on your next project.

Most of the time I'm a pretty laid back guy. Nothing too fancy about my lifestyle and some may actually find it a bit on the boring side... but I like it that way. In the summer though I do get out and play disc golf or go bowling with friends. Nothing much else to do in Iowa I guess.

At the very least I hope you find something useful, interesting, or maybe strange on this site worth looking at. If you like a game or something, feel free to comment in the contact form. Have a great day!

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